How to Boost Your Traffic: Pinterest Trends Tool Guide

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After reading this, you will be amazed at how the Pinterest Trends Tool, a FREE tool, will help boost traffic to your business, like NEVER before.

So for months now, I’ve been managing my Pinterest page by posting pins regularly and trying to keep up with the changes in the Pinterest algorithm but my monthly views kept spiking downwards as the seasons changed.

I knew I had to change something.

Me, at about 2:30am one day.

Then i realized that I wasn’t fully utilizing the Pinterest trends tool and ever since i figured out how to use it for its full benefit, my Pinterest research has been booming! Let me show you why, 

How to Use The Pinterest Trends Tool?

Pinterest Trends Tool

1. Strategic Timing For Pinning

Pinterest operates as a visual search engine, requiring time to index and surface pins for the right audience and keywords. One key thing that helped me is to post related pins weeks in advance. This made sure that my content was discoverable when users began searching for relevant terms, giving it the visibility it deserved. But to do this, I needed to know what the proper content i needed to be releasing and when the right time was to do so, that is exactly where Pinterest trends saves the day! 

For example,

When posting Christmas related pins like Christmas decor ideas, etc., you should be posting those pins somewhere between September and November. You should avoid posting the Christmas-related stuff during Christmas because the demand would have dropped by then. So keep up with the correct trends and be a step ahead with your timing.

2. Year-Over-Year Pinning Strategy

Reposting the same pins never really worked for me in the long run. Analytics always showed me a huge spike upwards during random seasons followed by a huge spike downwards. After understanding trends, I realised that the trick is to repost the relevant pins at the correct season. This is when there is the highest demand for the topic you made your post about.

My initial thoughts : “Oh no! I probably can’t post the same pins again and again. I definitely need to spend all my time making new content every year about the same things.”

After understanding trends : “i just need to be smart and keep up with the changes in demands and i can save myself so much time from not having to remake pins again and again.”

For example,

If your pins are going to be related to a specific festive season like Halloween or Christmas, you can resurface those pins during that specific time of the year. Of course, this is all while still keeping in mind the Strategic Timing for Pinning. This saves you time and keeps up engagement levels.

3. What are the Pinterest Trends Tool Functions?

The Pinterest Trends Tool has a couple of functions that I’ll walk you through right now. Keep in mind that each of these insights contribute to the research you need to do to keep your Pinterest page growing.

Filter by Country 

Now this part is important because you’ve got to have selected the country you are in or the country you are trying to target with your pins. Doing this allows Pinterest to send you the correct analytics when you do trend research.

Your Audience Preferences

Right at the top of your page the first thing Pinterest will introduce you to in trends are the keywords and pins that your current audience on Pinterest has taken a liking to. In order to keep your current audience engaged with you, it is crucial that you post pins that the majority of your current audience loves to see more of.

Seasonal Trends 

Pinterest accumulates the pins and keywords that are gaining popularity in the current season. This is the tool you can use just to check that your pins are keeping up with the current demand and season.

Growing Trends 

This will keep you updated on the trends that have been happening throughout the last 90 days on Pinterest. 

Top Yearly Trends 

This option is more generic and gives you an idea of the keywords that have been growing in general throughout the year.

Top Monthly Trends 

This keeps you updated on the keywords that have been trending in the last 30 days. A little more specific compared to growing trends.

Keyword Research Bar

This should be more straightforward and allows you to put in specific keywords into the search bar provided. You can do a cross check of whether or not your keywords are performing well or if it is time to change your keywords through this.

Pinterest analytics even shows  you a bunch of the most popular keywords along with some of the most popular pins in these keywords so you really don’t have to do much digging when doing research for what you want to cover next on your blog or website.

Niche Selection & Filter Options

You can really get pretty specific on the type of research you are trying to do here. Switching up your niches, keywords, age and gender based on the research type you are trying to do to improve your business will give you just what you need to thrive on the platform. 

Optimizing Pinterest Ads Timing

Pinterest Ads gives you a kick in promoting your pins and through trends, you can pinpoint the best time to be promoting your pins through creating campaigns and ad only pins. It is an amazing way to stay ahead of the pinterest management game and keep your pins at the top of everyone’s pinterest searches. 

I know it sounds like a lot of work

In the wild world of social media, it’s all about keeping your finger on the pulse and going with the flow. The Pinterest Trends Tool is like your sidekick, helping you stay ahead of the game. It gives you the power to be in the know, making sure your content vibes with what people are into right now. So stay smart and work smarter than harder.

If you’re too caught up with everything thats going on and have no time to focus on your pinterest, let me. I manage the Pinterest accounts of multiple established businesses and drive traffic from it directly to their websites, stores or landing pages. If you want to know what it might be like to work with me, drop me an email at I’ll send you a custom proposal! Happy pinning!

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