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If you’re like me, and you’re looking for ways to make some money online, Pinterest is the way to go. It’s fun, it’s easy and not to mention, exciting! It’s the Pinterest Creator Fund.

The Pinterest Creator Fund launched in 2021 in hopes of aiding eligible creators on the platform with the necessary resources and financial guidance. It not only provides a way to earn some income, but also offers you the chance to boost your skills as a Pinterest Marketer and Creator.

So today, I’ll be explaining to you everything you need to know about the Pinterest Creators Fund and how you can up your game as a creator and earn a living too!

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What Is The Pinterest Creator Fund? 

The Pinterest Creator Fund is a programme initiated by Pinterest. The programme was set with the intention of giving underrepresented creators on Pinterest with the necessary training and financial aid to give their Pinterest reach the boost it needs.

The programme offers workshops and hands-on training that involves the build up of creativity and community-building skills all of which are extremely helpful in ensuring the success of any creator on Pinterest.

The Fund offers each participant about 25k each for this programme. In total, as of 2022, Pinterest allocated 20 million dollars for this programme. This fund is meant to help each participant thrive on the platform in whatever ways possible to strive towards success as a marketer and creator.

What Is Included In The Pinterest Creator Fund? 

There are a couple of important things that the fund offers to each participant. As a creator, there are obviously a couple of necessary boxes that you need to tick in order to be creating quality content that receives the attention it deserves. The Pinterest Creator Fund helps you there. Here’s how, 

1. Financial Assistance 

The Fund offers support to creators on the platform in order for them to reach their content creation endeavours. Things like that include Pinterest Ads, etc. 

2. Educational Support 

Participants of the fund have access to workshops and training materials that are all very straightforwardly targeted towards improving your skills on Pinterest as a creator.

3. Community Engagement 

This part is really fun cause you can get help and insight from other creators alike. As part of the community, you can watch and learn how other creators part of the fund strive towards their own success on the platform. It allows you to connect with other creators and build both friendships and skills.

4. Consulting & Mentorship 

Creators are open to the benefit of guidance with the Creator Fund. Personalised consultancy can be crucial in helping creators identify exactly what are the aspects to be improving and what to keep up with. All this will help drive success for creators content on Pinterest. 

Requirements To Join The Pinterest Creator Fund 

Of course, there are a couple of criteria that you need to reach in order to become a participant. The fund isn’t for everyone but it would be if you work towards the necessary goals. So here are the requirements, 

1. Active Pinterest Account 

You need to show a certain level of activity on your account in order to sign up for the fund. You can improve your activity levels by posting pins often, staying up to date with trends, by commenting on others pins and by upping your engagement levels through video pins and Pinterest Ads, etc.

2. Creator Status 

Some funds cater specifically to creators that produce and post high quality content that has a high demand. So if you’re looking to qualify for this type of fund, ensure that your content is of top notch quality and that it reaches the right audiences and demands.

3. Underrepresented Creator Criteria 

The fund places a significant focus on helping creators that are underrepresented. This means creators who may not have as much visibility of recognition as other creators. Pinterest did this with the aim of trying to diversify their digital space to foster inclusivity. So creating content on factors such as location, gender, ethnicity matter.

4. Compliance with Pinterest Guidelines

Applicants generally have to behave themselves on the platform and follow Pinterest’s rules. This is because Pinterest obviously doesn’t want to promote or aid any cause or content that isn’t supportive to the communities of users on its platform. So make sure you adhere to the guidelines and policies that Pinterest has set.

5. Application Process 

This part is a given, you’ll have to undergo an application process of providing Pinterest with details involving your Pinterest account, content, and intentions for applying for the fund.

6. Agreement to Programme Conditions 

Applicants need to agree to certain conditions and activities such as the need to attend the necessary workshops and training sessions that are provided in the programme. Time management definitely definitely needs to be something you work on if you’re looking to apply for the creator fund.

Why Do You Need The Pinterest Creator Fund? 

There are a couple of reasons why the fund is beneficial especially to those of you struggling financially to support your Pinterest and also those of you who just want to learn much more about how to improve your visibility on the Platform.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the programme offers a wide variety of benefits ranging from financial support to consulting and mentorship. I feel it is a great opportunity to see just how well you could be performing as a creator as Pinterest is arguably the best place to be publishing your content as it is a visual search engine. Together with the rise in Pinterest users over the last decade, becoming prominent on Pinterest will definitely give you the kick in the right direction towards having your content recognized.

The programme even amplifies your skills as a Pinterest Marketer. It skillfully equips you with the tips and tricks that you need to be aware of in order to skyrocket your income from the platform eventually. When other companies and organizations recognize your high quality content or your skill of marketing, it will catch their attention in no time! 


So think of the Pinterest Creator Fund as a stepping stone towards your ultimate success. It’s a win-win for both yourself and Pinterest and it definitely provides you with everything you need to aim for success on the platform. 

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