10 Canva AI Tools That Will Not Take Your Job (But Will Make it Easy)

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Are you tired of spending endless hours crafting graphics for your projects? Well, guess what? I’ve got some tools that’ll make your life way easier with just a click! So, here’s the deal – today, I wanna spill the beans on 10 Canva AI tools you probably didn’t even know were a thing. And let me tell you, they’re total game-changers. 

Ready to say bye-bye to those never-ending graphic struggles? ‘Cause these Canva AI tools are gonna be your new best friend!. Trust me, you’ll wonder how you ever did without ’em!

#1 Magic Write – Canva AI tool when you’re lost for words!

Say goodbye to the struggle of staring at a blank page! Magic Write, Canva’s AI-powered writing tool  is here to shake up how you make content. Whether you’re messing with Canva Docs, Whiteboard, or Presentation, this tool is here to save the day. All you have to do is just spill what’s on your mind, and bam! It cooks up a starting point for you. Perfect for tossing around ideas, whipping up social media posts, press releases, business plans, and whatever else, no sweat. Easy peasy!

Give Magic Write a try here.

#2 Magic Eraser – Wipe Away Distractions with this Canva tool!

So you got an unexpected person photobombing or some distracting thing in your photo? No biggie! Just swipe with the Magic Eraser, and poof! They vanish, leaving you with a picture-perfect image. It’s like real-life magic, right?

Try the magic of Magic Eraser here.

#3 Magic Edit – Canva’s AI Tool that brings your imagination to life!

Doing magic to your pics? Piece of cake. Seriously, just a few clicks, and boom! You’ve got the power to add some style vibes – you want a pirate hat on top of your head? Done! Want an alien ship floating in the distance? Done!, just go wild with whatever floats your creative boat.

Now, here’s the kicker – it’s all right there, waiting for you in the Edit Image toolbar. This lets you create awesome images whenever and wherever you want. And guess what? It even comes with this super handy brush feature, making the whole process easy peasy. Just brush it on, and watch the magic happen.

So, you’re in control, making cool images with just a few clicks. It’s that simple, So go ahead, give it a whirl and let the creativity flow!

Explore the magic of editing here.

#4 Magic Expand – Let Canva do the creative stretching for you!

You want to stretch an image without breaking a sweat? Well, say hello to our next Canva AI tool – Magic Expand! This tool is your go to tool for image stretching, I’m telling you!

So, you’re itching to see more of your picture, right? You want to create a broader view of your design or image, make it pop with vivid details, and expand it effortlessly? Well, guess what? This tool’s your go-to for generating those extra visuals without any hassle. Easy peasy! And get this, it’s all happening with just a click! Can you believe the time you’re gonna save with this thing?

Experience the magic of expansion here.

#5 Magic Grab – Canva AI tool that lets you grab-and-go!

Ah, I get you! You’re trying to cut or grab something in a picture without wrecking the background, right? Trust me, I’ve been there – the struggle is real. But hey, good news! With the Canva Magic Grab tool, those days of stressing over sharp cuts without weird wiggles are history. This magic tool smoothly plucks out whatever you want, no sweat, all while keeping that background intact.

Give it up for Canva Magic Grab, where you’ve got the freedom to sprinkle in some creativity – edit, move things around, resize, you name it. No more fuss, just pure, easy-breezy creativity right at your fingertips.

Grab the magic here.

#6 AI Image and Video Generator – turning ideas into visuals, hassle-free!

Tired of wrestling with complicated software to bring your ideas to life? Enter Canva’s Magic Media—no more headaches! Just describe what you want, and boom! Your text becomes stunning images or videos for your blog or social media. It’s like magic without the fuss.

Generate magic here.

#7 Background Remover – Canva’s AI tool for easy background removing!

Ever get annoyed with those eraser tools, spending forever trying to get the edges just right? Well, no more headaches! Canva’s AI Tool got your back with the Background Remover. One click, and bam! Background gone, making it super easy to whip up some stunning visuals. And guess what? It’s not just for photos – there’s also a Video Background Remover. No need for a green screen; just wave goodbye to background hassles in your videos too.

Remove backgrounds effortlessly here

Now the next few aren’t exactly owned by Canva, but they’re add-on apps that will make your life SOOO much easier. Check them out!

#8 AI Presenter – Canva AI Presenter at Your Service!

Ever been stuck with presentations that feel a bit, well, boring? You know, the kind that might make your audience nod off? Introducing our next Canva AI Tool – AI Presenter , the game-changer that adds that extra punch to your talks.

No more worrying about your presentations sounding like a snoozefest. These AI presenters will say exactly what you want, in any voice or tone you ask them to. Imagine the room buzzing with energy as your AI presenter steps up to the mic, delivering your message with the perfect flair. No more dull presentations; it’s all about engagement, energy, and a touch of magic. Ready to level up your presentation game? 

Get your AI Presenter here

#9 DalleE – Canva AI tool that let you create art in a click!

Ever felt the burning desire to create a stunning art piece, but, let’s face it, you’re no Picasso? Add to that the need for speed – who’s got time for drawn-out processes? Traditional methods can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re yearning for something unique, professional-looking, and, above all, pronto.

Don’t worry because you are not going to be stressing about your lack of artistic skills or the ticking clock. Canva users can now seamlessly dive into DalleE,  our next canva AI  tool,  that will help you creating jaw-dropping art directly within Canva itself – and faster with a click of a button!

Create your DalleE Images here

#10 AI Patterns – You want patterns? this Canva AI tool got you!!

You’re dreaming up the perfect pattern for your project, but turning that vision into a visual masterpiece feels like trying to navigate a maze, and getting it just right is a whole struggle. Ugh, right?

Introducing our next Canva AI Tool – AI Patterns! Say bye-bye to those pattern headaches. Now you just type in your pattern vibes to Canva, and voila! You get a bunch of options to choose from and tweak until you’re like, “Yep, nailed it!” No more stressing over picking the perfect pattern or doing endless revisions. It’s like magic, but for patterns! 

Create you AI Patterns here


And that’s a wrap, woo-hoo! I hope you loved hearing about these awesome Canva AI tools. Trust me, they’re gonna make your life so much easier! With Magic Write, Magic Edit, Grab, Expander, Erase, AI Image and Video Generators, Background Remover, and now even DalleE in Canva, designing is a whole new vibe. It’s gonna be easy and fun, just the way we like it. So, get ready for some excitement, and let your imagination run wild because the possibilities are endless!

Want more Canva AI Tools?

Go to the add-ons thingy, tap ‘AI’ in that search spot, and you’ll discover a bunch of cool results with tons of awesome AI add-ons that are like total game-changers for your creativity!

So, seriously, why wait? Check out all the AI Tools Canva has to offer here

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