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I Cracked the Pinterest Algorithm 2024 (Full Guide)

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As a Pinterest user one of the most annoying things I faced was the inconsistent rises and dips in the performance of my pins and my entire Pinterest page in general. It was such a huge stress not understanding what was the reason for this. Since the day I cracked the code of the Pinterest algorithm, my statistics have only gone up! It’s kind of like the little secrets only the Pinterest marketers who do their research ever find out, like you! So I did a bunch of research before I started experimenting on my own Pinterest. All my experiments were successful. So let me share what i figured out with you.

In this guide I will show you what I found out by cracking the Pinterest algorithm for 2024 with simple yet highly effective methods.

If you don’t have the time to read the full article, I’ve listed the main points below. (you’re welcome!)

  1. Pin Consistently
  2. Optimize Your Website For Pinterest Saves
  3. Optimize Your Keywords (SEO)
  4. Leverage Seasons and Trends
  5. Increase User Engagement
  6. Post Fresh Content

1. Consistent Pinning

The first step, which is sort of a no-brainer, is to post consistently. At first I used to think Pinterest was a search engine like google. So I began posting all my content all at once and then disappeared for like 3 months. I later came back to see the results. DO NOT DO THIS! Pinterest isn’t like other search engines. You have to post very consistently within 6 months. This makes sure that Pinterest detects your page as one that is kept up to date.

Increasing followers, engagement and comments are all part of Pinterest’s algorithm. It’s important that while you focus on the content you post, focus on the audience too. Pinterest tends to show fresher pins to Pinterest users. So make sure that you post regularly. Personally, I post about 12 to 24 standard pins along with about 2 video pins daily. You can start with just a few but make sure you do it everyday.

Now 1 thing that used to really optimise Pinterest because of the algorithm was to post idea pins. This helped improve engagement levels like a LOT for Pinterest users after the feature was introduced. However, if you do a little research, you’ll realise many Pinterest users are going mad over losing the “idea pin” function on their Pinterest. Although the full update hasn’t reached everyone’s Pinterest, Pinterest has begun turning previously posted idea pins on Pinterest into video pins. So my advice is to not waste your time on idea pins and jump straight into video pins for engagement and image pins for traffic. Remember, it’s really important to have a good level of both engagement and traffic for a fast growth in your Pinterest page.

Now let’s work on optimizing your website for the Pinterest algorithm 2024

Here I will be showing you why linking your website to your pin is important, what tools you can use to look at your pins as a viewer, why keywords are important, why I research it.

2. Optimize your website for Pinterest saves

Now this part allows Pinterest to detect your pins as high quality pins. This basically just means linking your website to your pins. There’s this amazing plugin called Grow by Mediavine. It allows users to add a hover icon to visit your website as a user looks at your pin. This plugin is not free though. So if you can’t afford it, that’s completely fine and you can just stick to the other tips I’ve mentioned in this article.

There are still a multitude of ways to let Pinterest detect your pin as high quality pins. But if by chance you do purchase this plugin, you can expect a tiny increase in your engagement.

3. Optimizing Keywords (SEO)

This is, I think, the part that I found most helpful in the long run. Doing your SEO research is so important. I cannot stress enough how much typing out the correct keywords in your titles, descriptions, pins and boards can boost your audience immensely. What I did was spend a couple of days doing some thorough research on the keywords that were most likely to be searched about on the topics related to my pins. 

One other tool that really helped me optimize my keyword research was the Pinterest trends tool. I just searched up some of the keywords that I used in my pins and titles. I then checked if those keywords were performing well enough. If they weren’t, I took it as an indicator to change my pin titles, descriptions and board titles. I added a concentration of the correct keywords to my pins, titles, descriptions and board. I kept all these factors closely monitored with monthly checks on the SEO. Please take note that is very essential to reach the Pinterest algorithm for 2024.

Couple of other important things in the 2024 Pinterest algorithm

Just like the previous point mentioned, I’m gonna explain a little more about the importance of utilizing it to its fullest. Staying on track with the seasons is very important too.

For example, most people tend to search for Christmas decor ideas somewhere between October through December. You should be aiming to post your pins a couple weeks or 1 or 2 months ahead of the actual holiday or season. This allows Pinterest to detect your pins as the ones to send higher up when users search for “Christmas decor ideas”. Similarly, you should use the Pinterest trends tool to research for which times or seasons throughout the year people specifically search for each keyword the most. This gives you an upper hand at staying up to date on your Pinterest page.

A tool that I recommend to understand the trends and what is booming in the market is Pinterest Predicts. You can straight go to Pinterest Predicts to browse through the current trends. Pinterest, the big boss herself, is predicting so its definitely something you have take notes of. That way, you are well aware and up to date with the current trends.

5. Improving my Pinterest user engagement

The next important part you can focus on is increasing user engagement. This generally refers to ;

  • Pin saves
  • Pin clicks
  • Out-bound clicks
  • Secondary creative (collections) clicks

Pinterest tends to give a boost to accounts that show a higher engagement rate. Personally I created a lot more idea pins and video pins to create engagement on my Pinterest page. Another good tip is to go to your Pinterest analytics and select some of your best performing pins and then type out a question for viewers to answer in the comment section. This can get some conversations started and ultimately improve overall engagement on your page.

However, ultimately what we are trying to do is accumulate a larger traffic on our page, and what i can tell you is that image pins are the best at doing this. Don’t let the focus on traffic keep you away from the focus on engagement though! Both these aspects are crucial in growing your page. Know the difference.

6. Posting fresh content

Last but not least, make sure you keep posting fresh content. It’s important to make sure that you don’t post repetitive content all throughout the year. It’s completely alright to recycle a couple posts. For example, during Christmas time every year, it’s alright to bring out the same Christmas posts from last year and reuse them this year. 

Through personal experience, I always noticed that my pins usually performed much better whenever I posted fresh content. Whenever I was trying to promote the same article or post as well, I actually changed up the backgrounds or wording in my titles and description every time I posted a pin. That really helped my Pinterest grow because Pinterest won’t be detecting repetitive content and makes sure my account doesn’t get suspended for spamming.

And there you have it– the Pinterest Algorithm for 2024!

So overall, these are the tips and rules that you should follow as a guideline while trying to grow understanding the Pinterest algorithm for 2024. But keep in mind, as Pinterest comes up with new features or as time passes, Pinterest tends to switch up its algorithm. I think it’s to make sure everyone has to be doing their fair share of consistent research to keep staying at the top of Pinterest. But worry not, I will keep updating this article whenever newer updates or changes happen in the Pinterest algorithm. Now get ready to be on top of the Pinterest algorithm this 2024!

If you’re too caught up with everything thats going on and have no time to focus on your pinterest, let me. I manage the Pinterest accounts of multiple established businesses and drive traffic from it directly to their websites, stores or landing pages. If you want to know what it might be like to work with me, drop me an email at I’ll send you a custom proposal! Happy pinning!

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