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How To Use Pinterest For Blogging?

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Hi!! Are you trying to figure out how to use Pinterest for blogging? hoping to boost traffic and engagement, but feeling a bit lost on where to begin? Don’t worry! Here’s the only guide you need to kickstart your Pinterest journey. In this guide, you’ll learn:

Let me show how you can use Pinterest for your blogging correctly,

As a blogger, I’m sure one of the first things that you want is to drive traffic to your blog. Now this seems like such a hard thing to manage until Pinterest comes into the picture. Now this is where the game changes. As we all know, Pinterest is a search engine. But it’s not quite like Google. Pinterest gives your brand, product and even your blog just the right amount of engagement and traffic it needs. Its mind blowing the way Pinterest works wonders!

Below is exactly how you can use Pinterest for blogging

  1. Creating a Pinterest Business Profile 
  2. Fine Tuning Your Pinterest Business Profile
  3. Creating Boards and Board Covers
  4. Create Pins about each of your Blog Posts
  5. Enhance the Quality of your Pins
  6. Make the Most of Pinterest Business Functions
  7. Actively Direct Traffic to your Pins
  8. Keep doing your SEO Research

1. Creating a Pinterest Business Profile 

So to start off, you have to know how to create a Pinterest business profile. The benefits of doing this are amazing. This feature opens up many functions that are going to be crucial in supporting Pinterest for your Blog. Such functions include Pinterest business hub, Pinterest Analytics, Ad Pins, Rich Pins and so on! All of these functions will drive traffic and help improve engagement levels on your Pinterest Profile. This will ultimately give your blog exactly what it needs, and that’s “Traffic!”

You can either start a fresh business profile on Pinterest or convert your already existing profile into a Business Profile.

2. Fine-tune your Pinterest Business Profile 

When setting up your business profile, you need to keep an eye out for a few things;

  1. Your Descriptions
  2. Your Profile Image
  3. The Theme of your Blog. 

Your description should include specific details about your blog. It should be stuff that people would probably go on to Pinterest and search up for. This will really help with the SEO for your profile. Next, you should try and add an image of yourself on either your cover image or your profile image. This will help personalize your profile and allow users to feel more connected to your blog and pins.

Lastly, choosing a specific theme, color scheme or aesthetic to maintain consistently on your pins and profile definitely give users the impression that your blog is more put-together and reliable. 

3. Creating Boards that matches the Theme of your Blog

Moving forward, your next step should be to create boards and board covers for your profile. The boards you create should be heavily related to the content you post on your blog and the pins you create on Pinterest. Your board titles should also be named after doing some SEO research for the type of content you post on your Blog. Ensure that the board covers you match the theme you have chosen for your profile as well. You can do this on Canva really easily. I think this is a fun little way to look more reliable. 

You can also join other users Boards that have much larger audiences. Pinning your Pins on their boards will definitely give you a much larger audience. However, always keep in mind that your aim is to drive traffic to your own website by optimizing engagement and traffic on your own profile. So remember not to lose focus on building up your own Pinterest profile too.

4. Create Pins about each of your Blog Posts

The most important part now, creating pins related to your blog posts. This is the main part that’s going to help you drive traffic to your blog. This is where you begin to see the magic of ‘clicks & saves’ in action. 

After making these pins, you can pin them to both your own boards and other users’ boards. Try to post consistently. This will drive traffic to your blog in no-time!

5. Enhance the Quality of your Pins

On Pinterest, Pins of higher Quality usually get priority. Now you might be wondering what makes a quality pin. Let me enlighten you.

A quality pin is one that has a quality of 1000 x 1500. A quality pin has text that directly goes straight to the point. 

For example, if you’re posting a pin for a blog article related to Christmas recipes, your image, title, description and board should all have the text “ Christmas Recipes”. This allows the Pinterest algorithm to send your pins higher up when users search for “Christmas recipes”. 

Another very important factor to keep a VERY close eye on is scheduling. Make sure you post pins regularly. This helps to keep your pins fresh and up to date. I suggest posting at least 1 pin daily.

6. Make the Most of Pinterest Business Functions

If you are serious about using Pinterest for your blogging, then you cannot miss out on the functions provided on a business profile. They are literally pure gold!

“You wont believe me if I told you that the Pinterest analytics tool and Pinterest trends tool are the absolute best cheat sheets to success. “

How Pinterest Analytics Helps You With Pinterest Blogging?

Pinterest Analytics keeps you updated of the activity on your own profile over whichever time period you want. It shows you which pins went viral, which boards of yours performed the best and even the statistics of both improvement and downfall on your profile.

This is truly the key to beating the everchanging Pinterest Algorithm. As time passes, the algorithm changes and analytics are exactly what’s gonna tell you what you need to keep doing and what you need to stop doing and start doing. This helps keep your engagement levels up, ultimately improving your traffic.

How “Pinterest Trends” Helps You With Pinterest Blogging?

Let’s not forget Pinterest trends. Now this is like the analytics Pinterest gives you about all its users in general. Using trends, you can target which seasons and holidays to be posting your pins and what are the best titles and descriptions to be posting with your pins. Trends can also help you figure out what to write on your blog next by doing some research of what Pinterest users have been searching most of at that specific time period. It’s amazing I tell you, AMAZING! So do not overlook these tools. They are the little secret most Pinterest users ignore.

7. Actively Direct Traffic to your Pins

Like I mentioned before, you need to post pins consistently. You can’t post a bulk of pins 1 day and then disappear for 3 months and then come back. You will not see results. Although Pinterest is a search engine, it’s nothing like Google. Pinterest requires consistent tending to and consistent analysis of how well or how badly you are doing with certain pins.

Driving traffic is usually linked with improving engagement levels on Pinterest and this can usually be done by posting video pins. Static pins are usually associated with direct traffic so to keep driving traffic, keep posting! It’s that straightforward.

Another tip is to engage with other Pinterest users. You can do this by commenting on other users’ pins that are alike to your own and also getting conversation started in your own Pin’s comment section.

8. Keep doing your SEO Research

This last tip is just a way to stay ahead of the game. If you manage your blog well by writing about what solves people’s problems and what there is a demand for, your blog is more likely to attract traffic. So use tools like Trends and even other parts of the internet to stay updated on the changes of seasons and the public’s demands and problems to be solved.

And there you have it! That’s how you use Pinterest for Blogging!

It is honestly a tool that many people ignore. But little do they know how beneficial it can be for blogging. Now that you know the tips and the ticks, you are on your way to driving massive amounts of traffic to your blog!

If you’re too caught up with everything that’s going on and have no time to focus on your Pinterest, let me. I manage the Pinterest accounts of multiple established businesses and drive traffic from it directly to their websites, stores or landing pages. If you want to know what it might be like to work with me, drop me an email at I’ll send you a custom proposal! Happy pinning!

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