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How to Make Pinterest Pins Go Viral in 2024

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With all these algorithm changes, you’re probably figuring out how to make your Pinterest pins go viral in 2024. If you’re stuck finding the secret sauce, good thing you’re here!! I’ll spill everything you need to gear up for this year’s goals. Here’s the breakdown;

Every Pinterest user gets addicted to this at 1 point or another. Wanting to see your Pins going viral is exactly the aim of any Pinterest marketer. The secret sauce doesn’t make sense at the start. This is because a lot of the time, the content going viral barely ever makes sense. But the trick is to get your pins to reach the right audiences.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a long time posting pins on Pinterest and seen a decent amount of engagement and traffic on your pins. But all the way at the start, I actually struggled with figuring out why some of my pins went viral while others barely got any attention. Don’t worry, I got out of that problem through extensive research. And today, I’m going to teach you the secret to it too! It’s really not as difficult as you’d expect.

Here are the key points to make your Pinterest Pins go Viral!!!

1. Making the most of Trends

For those of you that don’t know, Pinterest offers a tool called Trends that allows you to access the popular content on Pinterest. As a search engine, Pinterest Trends even allows you to search for keywords and gauge the relevance and popularity of those keywords on Pinterest. Trends lets you stay up to date on what’s in and what’s “so last season”. It allows you to know what to be posting and when to be posting it.

Now this part is really important. When you post for the correct seasons at the correct times, your Pinterest pins are likely to go viral fast.

For example, most people begin to do their holiday decorations and shopping way ahead of the holiday season. So posting pins related to that season a couple of weeks or months ahead definitely helps. This helps Pinterest suggest your content to users exactly when they are searching for it. 

Trends also lets you do your research for what the newer generation, which just so happens to be Pinterest’s growing audience, likes and dislikes. It allows you to manage your content based on the demand rather than what we may feel works or doesn’t.

2. Post what People want to see (This is very important if you want your pins to go viral)

Like I mentioned briefly earlier, people want to read about and see what they find interest in. The majority of the time, this is to fix a problem users are facing. It could range from not knowing how to decorate a Christmas tree to finding planner templates online. Whatever the problem is, you will up your chances of getting clicks on your pins if you post about what people need. Don’t just post for the sake of creating content.

Let me remind you that,

“Pins go viral on Pinterest because Pinterest recognizes that you are posting Quality content. Content that has a high demand and content that gives a solution to a problem that users are facing.”


Don’t get lazy about this, always remember that quality matters. It’s not always about quantity.

3. Optimize Pin Quality

Pinterest is a search engine that focuses on images and videos. When designing pins, generally Pinterest users use Pinterest to search up aesthetic designs or ideas because it’s so pleasing on the eye. So a well designed pin is the only type of pin that stands a chance at making it to the top.

Now this isn’t just about maintaining a quality of 1000 x 1500. This is also about making sure that your text fonts and animations are all of good quality and spacing. Your pins should not be overcrowded with images or with text. Personally I like it to keep it simple yet aesthetic with an amazing color scheme to match my entire Pinterest Profile.

Canva is an amazing tool to find ease with the designing process. The fact that Canva provides free high quality images for you to use on your pins is really a gold mine. It’s even better on Canva Pro with all its tools!

But hey, design isn’t for everyone and that’s why templates exist! If you’re not as comfortable with designing your own styles, just purchase a couple of Pinterest templates and get right to it.

4. Write Click-able Text

Getting pin clicks needs more than just pretty looks. They need convincing text and good SEO research. Your titles and even the text on your pins should sound convincing and attractive. Together with good SEO, your pins are way more clickable if you use the right keywords on each of your posts.

Your titles need to have a good hook on Pinterest users with things like “10 reasons why” or “Want to know why…” . These are all commonly used types of titles because it’s straight to the point and it arouses a user’s curiosity and eventually lands you a click.

5. Posting Video Pins

This last one is just a personal tip I’ve got to share from personal experience on my own Pinterest Business Profile. Lately, video pins seem to be doing a lot more for my Pinterest page in upping my engagement levels. Idea pins used to do this until recently when idea pins died down and video pins took over.

For those of you who don’t know yet, good engagement levels lets the Pinterest algorithm pick up that your content is of high quality and that your pins deserve more attention from Pinterest users. Pinterest then sends your pins higher up when someone searches for that relevant topic. 

With this increase in engagement, traffic automatically just gets driven to your pins and clicks come running your way! 

I like to add a little question in the comment section of my own pins to kind of try and get some conversations started down there. This also helps in upping your engagement and gets you more clicks eventually.

And that’s it! Now you are well equipped to make your Pinterest Pins Go Viral!

If you keep up with these steps consistently for your pins, you’ll get your pins viral in no-time! All it takes is a little consistency and awareness of the ever changing ways of Pinterest and its users.

If you’re too caught up with everything that’s going on and have no time to focus on your Pinterest, let me. I manage the Pinterest accounts of multiple established businesses and drive traffic from it directly to their websites, stores or landing pages. If you want to know what it might be like to work with me, drop me an email at I’ll send you a custom proposal! Happy pinning!

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