Guerrilla Marketing for Small Business: Best 10 Creative Strategies

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Are you thinking of creating those show-stopping advertisements and afraid that it might break your bank? No worries! It’s time to throw those thoughts of big budgets and boring billboards out the window because today, I will be teaching you everything you need about guerrilla marketing and how you, as a small business, can do it too!

Yes, you heard that right! So, go run and grab your notepad because we are gonna have a little chat about how us small businesses can also make a splash without burning a hole in our wallets. And oh, no worries, we got guerrilla marketing examples for your small business and also how big brands did their guerrilla marketing too. Ready to create waves? Let’s dive in!

What even is Guerrilla Marketing?

So, what even is Guerrilla marketing? It’s not some Call of Duty kind of operation in the jungle (although that would be kinda cool). Instead, it’s an unconventional approach to marketing that literally throws the normal marketing rulebook out the window and just says, “Hey, let’s go a little nuts and do something that’ll stir the pot or, better yet, make people remember us!”

Just picture this: you are strolling down the street, minding your own business, but out of nowhere, suddenly BAM! A giant inflatable gorilla wearing sunglasses appears out of nowhere, waving at you from the rooftop of a local small business store, and that is Guerrilla Marketing!

It captures you by surprise and makes the audience go “woaaaah!” When you go to the store, you realize the local store is an eyewear store where they sell sunglasses that are heavy-duty and really strong and durable, which also resembles the strength of a gorilla. You get what I am saying, right?

Now, this is Guerrilla Marketing for you! So the next time you see a bunch of folks going cha-cha-cha in gorilla costumes on the street corner, don’t be alarmed; it’s just Guerrilla Marketing doing its thing! Simply reminding us that advertising doesn’t have to be boring, and sometimes breaking the norms is a great way to steal the show!

Don’t Know Where To Start Guerrilla Marketing?

So, you’re thinking, “How do I even start this guerrilla marketing thing?” No worries! I gotchu! Check out these tips below to kickstart your guerrilla marketing game. They’ll help you figure out your audience, strategize like a champ, and help you pull off a unique guerrilla marketing moves without making your wallet cry!

1. Know Your Crowd!

Alright, so you gotta dive deep into the minds of your peeps – their quirks, habits, and where they hang. It’s like, gettin’ to know ’em like you know your favorite sandwich at your favorite restaurant. 

2. Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Imagine this – unexpected flash mobs, street art that’s as wild as my comedy, or stunts that make folks laugh so hard they snort. Your campaign should be the talk of the town, leaving everyone in stitches and saying, “Did you see that?”

3. Social Media, Man!

It’s FREE, just use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook like a boss. Craft a campaign that’s shareable, hashtag-worthy, and meme-tastic. When it’s all over the interwebs, you know you’re doing guerrilla right.

4. Budget-Friendly

Get clever with cost-effective tactics that hit hard. Street art, flash mobs – whatever your style, make it impactful without breaking the bank.

5. Stay True to Your Goofball Self

While you’re out there making people snort with laughter, make sure your campaign screams your goofball brand. Keep it silly, memorable, and don’t forget to be you! Something that truly resonates with your brand!

6. Crunch Some Numbers

After the chaos, check the stats. Likes, shares, and mentions – that’s your guerrilla report card. Learn from the hits and misses, so your next campaign is even more hilarious.

7. Play by the Guerrilla Rulebook

This is guerrilla marketing, not rocket science. Get the permits, respect public spaces, and keep it funny/entertaining. Your campaign should be the talk of the town for all the right reasons. Now go, let your goofy guerrilla flag fly!

What Makes A Guerilla Marketing Campaign?

We are going to break down 10 key elements to help you understand all the elements needed to create a great guerrilla marketing campaign. We’ve also backed up the elements examples tailored for small businesses, as well as a peek into how giants like Coca-Cola and Nike aced their guerrilla marketing game accordingly to each element! lets take a look shall we?

1. Creating a Disruption – Turn Heads!

Surprise your audience by doing something different from the usual marketing stuff. Organize events or campaigns that break the routine, making people stop and go, “Whoa, that’s cool!”

a. Local Coffee Spot

Your local coffee spot shaking things up with surprise events, like sudden live music or art setups. Just picture it – your regular coffee run turning into a quirky and unforgettable experience.

b. RedBull – Stratos project

Think about Red Bull’s Stratos project. They did something wild – Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space. It wasn’t just attention-grabbing; it shouted, “We’re not sticking to the script!” This move not only wowed millions but also showed Red Bull’s dedication to going beyond the norm.

2. Engagement – Get your audience involved!

Get your audience actively involved – make them take part and interact with your guerrilla marketing campaign. As a small business, it’s much more cost-effective to create campaigns that let your audience do the work for you, or in other words, create waves for you. With this tip of guerrilla marketing for small business, you can get people engaged in fun challenges, contests, or anything that sparks interaction. Make your brand a part of your audience’s life too!

a. Cozy Bakery

Think about a cozy bakery pulling in customers through a social media contest. They ask folks to suggest cool names for a new pastry. It’s not just about getting creative – it’s building a little community vibe around the bakery.

b. Taco Bell – Steal a Base, Steal a Taco

Picture Taco Bell during the World Series with their “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” gig. They said, “If a player swipes a base, free tacos for all!” It wasn’t just about the game; it got fans in on the action. That’s engagement, and it created a whole lot of buzz on social media.

3. Resonance – Target your audience emotionally!

Make your audience feel something – connect with them on a personal level. Create campaigns that tap into their values, emotions, or dreams – something that sticks.

a. Eco-Friendly Store

Picture a green-minded store connecting with eco-warriors. They launch a campaign showing the life story of sustainable products, from creation to the moment you buy. It’s not just about buying stuff; it’s about shared values with the brand.

b. Dove – Real Beauty

Look at Dove’s “Real Beauty” move. They went beyond traditional beauty standards, celebrating real and diverse beauty. Dove didn’t just sell soap; they hit the emotions. The result? Dove’s brand became way more than just a product on the shelf.

4. Surprise and Delight – make your audience go *gasp!*

Give your customers unexpected, awesome moments they won’t forget. Mix surprise, humor, or something novel into your campaigns for a super enjoyable customer experience.

a. Clothing Store

Picture a cute clothing store jazzing up your shopping trip. Suddenly, they throw in surprise discounts or little gifts when you buy something. It’s not just shopping; it’s a happy surprise that sticks with you.

b. WestJet’s Christmas Miracle

Remember WestJet’s “Christmas Miracle”? They didn’t just fly people; they made Christmas wishes come true. Passengers were stunned when, after landing, they found their wished-for gifts alongside their luggage. It wasn’t just about the flights; it was about creating a magical and unforgettable experience.

5. Buzz Creation – make it viral!

Get people talking about your brand – create a buzz that spreads like wildfire with these tips for guerrilla marketing for small business. Use shareable content, smart social media moves, or quirky events that make people want to chat about and share your brand. Make your brand the talk of the town!

a. Local Gym

Think about a local gym making waves. They organize a fitness flash mob in a bustling area. Passersby can’t ignore the energy, and they end up sharing the whole thing on social media. It’s not just about working out; it’s about sparking a buzz that everyone wants to join.

b. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Look at Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” Those ads didn’t just stick to TV screens; they went viral. The humor and unforgettable style were shared all over social media, turning Old Spice into the talk of the town. It wasn’t just about cologne; it was about creating a buzz that echoed way beyond regular advertising.

6. Unconventional Creativity – think outside the box!

As a small business with a tight budget, you’ve gotta use your brainpower to cook up something that’ll blow people’s minds, and do it on the tiniest budget possible! Guerrilla marketing for small business has to thrive through creative thinking and unconventional methods if you want to make waves like the big companies do. Don’t stick to the usual – think wild and embrace weirdly awesome ideas. Turn your marketing team into a hub of bind-boggling creativity. Try out-of-the-box concepts that stand out and make people go, ‘Whoa!

a. Small Bookstore

Imagine you run a small bookstore. Instead of regular events, you host “blind date with a book” nights. Wrap books like surprise gifts, drop a hint or two, and encourage folks to dive into the unknown. It’s not just about selling books; it’s about making reading an adventure.

b. We Accept

Take Airbnb’s “We Accept” move. They flipped inclusivity marketing on its head. Instead of the usual ads, they used their platform for a guerrilla-style twist – a message of acceptance and unity. It wasn’t just about booking stays; it was about surprising people with a meaningful message. This guerrilla move didn’t just grab attention; it screamed, “We’re changing the game.”

7. Integration with Digital Platforms – Include Social Media!

Don’t be hiding your guerrilla marketing campaign! Share that stuff online, let more eyes and views check it out. Mix it up with social media, websites, and any digital spot where your buddies hang out. Guerrilla marketing for small business start with social media! Because the chances of getting it viral is high and free! hello? so go ahead, make the best use of it.

a. Cozy Local Restaurant

Think about your cozy local restaurant. Instead of just serving food, you kick it up a notch. Run live cooking sessions on Instagram. The chef spills secrets, shares recipes, and builds a whole virtual gang around your spot. It’s not just about a meal; it’s about making your restaurant an online hotspot.

b. The Whopper Detour

Look at Burger King’s “The Whopper Detour.” They didn’t just sell burgers; they blended guerrilla tricks with digital magic. They dared folks to order a Whopper using the Burger King app at McDonald’s. It wasn’t just a meal move; it became a digital sensation, showing how mixing physical and digital can make waves.

8. Interactive Campaigns – make your audience do the work for you!

Don’t let your audience just watch – make them part of the show! Cook up campaigns that get your audience involved. Make them do more than just look; let them play, participate, and be part of the fun.

a. Pet Store

Imagine you run a sweet pet store. Instead of the regular stuff, you spark up a pet costume contest. Folks dress up their furballs, snap pics, and share them online. It’s not just about selling pet gear; it’s about creating a lively and adorable community.

b. Nissan’s Diehard Fan

Think about Nissan’s “Diehard Fan” move. They didn’t settle for fans just watching college football. They made a game tied to the live events, turning spectators into players. It wasn’t just about cheering; it was about being in the game. That’s turning a passive experience into an interactive party.

9. Cost-Effective Creativity – Say bye to big budgets!

You thought you need a big budget to kickstart guerrilla marketing for your small business? Well, guess what? Think again! Guerrilla marketing is all about creativity, not cash. So, ditch the idea of needing loads of money. Get ready to let your imagination run wild, sprinkle in some innovation, and add a dash of creativity. These are the real ingredients for guerrilla marketing success, even on a shoestring budget!!

a. Tech Store

Picture a cozy tech repair spot. Instead of flashy ads, they roll out DIY repair tutorial videos. They’re not just fixing stuff; they’re doing it with humor and a light touch. It’s not just tech help; it’s tech help with a smile.

b. Blendtecs “Will it Blend?” 

 Look at Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” show. They didn’t throw cash at ads; they tossed iPhones and golf balls into blenders. It was wild, low-budget, and totally creative. This guerrilla move became an online hit, proving that you don’t need deep pockets to make a buzz.

10. Long-Term Brand Building – think of the future!

So, you’re gonna be using these guerrilla marketing for small business tips to build that brand slowly but surely! Don’t treat it like a one-time thingy, no way! When creating your guerrilla marketing strategy, always think of the future and how the marketing you do today could impact or still holds an impact in the future. That’s how you make a brand that stands strong over time, trust me!

a. Gardening Shop

Envision a cute gardening shop. Instead of just selling plants, they run regular free gardening workshops. It’s not just about buying seeds; it’s about growing a community of plant lovers.

b. Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign

Check out Nike’s “Just Do It.” It didn’t stop at a catchy line; it became a whole brand vibe. Launched in ’88, it’s still going strong. Nike used guerrilla moves not for a quick win but to build a brand that’s way more than sneakers – it’s a mindset.


Alrighty, so we took a little ride exploring guerrilla marketing for small businesses, didn’t we? Hope you had a great time checking out these cool strategies! Now, armed with these top 10 tricks, you’re all set to do some marketing magic for your business!!

Remember! it’s not just about following the rules (which is important) but also about listening to your customers. Think of them as your friend who is out there giving you tips on how to make your business even cooler! SO make sure to keep an eye out on what you audience want to see as well!

So, go ahead, try out these strategies, and let your creativity shine! I’m excited to see your business become the talk of the town. Ready, set, guerrilla!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is guerrilla strategy?

Alrighty, so guerrilla marketing, it’s like this wild and fun way of promoting stuff. You gotta get all creative and throw the rulebook out the window. It’s like, bam, surprise! Breaking the boring old marketing rules and making a splash. That’s guerrilla marketing for you!

Is Guerrilla Marketing successful?

Oh, definitely, yes! Guerrilla marketing can absolutely become a huge success when done right! It’s all about tapping into the creative yet unconventional methods that leave a lasting impression. When executed well, nothing can stop your brand from making noise and getting people talking. So, success? Absolutely!

Why does Coca-Cola use guerrilla marketing?

Coca-Cola does guerrilla marketing because they want every sip to be memorable. In 2011, they did the “Share a Coke” thing, giving out cans with names on them from surprise vending machines. It’s not just a drink; it’s about creating memories.

Those “Enjoy” and “Happiness” vibes they talk about? It’s not just talk! it’s their way of spreading good vibes and energy. Coca-Cola’s guerrilla marketing isn’t about fancy ads, it’s about turning sips into stories and making every gulp an adventure!

Why do they do it? To break free from the usual and make every Coke moment a celebration. It’s a connection that goes beyond the bubbles in the can.

How does Nike use guerrilla marketing?

That “Just do it” vibe? It’s more than a tagline! it’s Nike’s whole philosophy! They’re all about pushing you to chase dreams and be great, and they don’t give up. Just imagine, you’re chowing down on cereal, watching TV, and bam! There’s that “Just do it” ad. Who doesn’t love a shoe brand empowering you during breakfast? It brings good vibes, gets you pumped up, and people totally buy into that energy. It’s a slick guerrilla marketing move! Whether it’s their products or the hottest social media trends, Nike sticks on that “Just do it” grind. When you think Nike, it’s not just shoes; it’s power and that unstoppable vibe.

Is guerrilla marketing legal?

Guerrilla marketing, is it legal? Of course! It’s absolutely legal! Some people get scared because it’s a bit over-the-top marketing, but it’s legal! However, you have to be crystal clear with your message, though. You cannot create a guerrilla marketing campaign that does not follow the rules, and you cannot offend anybody through your marketing. Also, always keep your audience in mind. Word-of-mouth is powerful but tricky to control. Once rumors start, things might get twisted. So, just stay on the right side of the law, be respectful, know your crowd, and always have a clear game plan!

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