A comprehensive list of the best resources that every new blogger/ entrepreneur needs

For Designing

Canva is my #1 content designing tool. You can’t possibly spend all your time on complex softwares just to design. This app will save you so much time and effort.

For Hosting

Bluehost is the best hosting website out there. It’s super cheap and extremely user-friendly. On top of that, their support staff is extremely helpful too. 10/10 recommended

For English

Perfect english is a MUST HAVE for all your blog posts and articles. It builds credibility. Grammarly is my favorite tool to ensure that all my content is error-free!

For Affiliate Links

Skimlinks makes affiliate marketing seem effortless! They have a massive library of brands to affiliate and work with, and generate affiliate links in seconds!

For Scheduling

Tailwind is my go-to software for social media post scheduling. It’s automation capabilities saves me tons of time for other blog work. It even has an in-built designing tool!

For Domains

If you need to buy a domain, this is the place to go! Buy a domain in a few clicks and start creating your website. They even have a really good hosting service!

For Outsourcing

When you start getting busy with your blog, it’s important to get someone else to do the time-consuming work (like writing articles). This app is exactly what you need.

For Keyword Research

Keywork research is super important for growing your blog and ranking on Google. Semrush does all the keyword and SEO research for you so you don’t have to.

For Course Creation

Once you’re comfortable, you can consider creating courses with the knowledge that you have. Teachable will help you to create these courses effortlessly!

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