Poem: The Rainbow

The Rainbow

By Sanduni Kulatunga

The rainbow sprang from drizzle and beam

When George Ives kissed Oscar Wilde,

Where colors of pride were born.

“It’s an optical illusion”

Said the CIS MAN with a lab coat

A nerd of knowledge,

While the CIS MAN on clouds proclaimed

“It’s a meteorological phenomenon”

It was a phenomenon, Indeed,

Anonymous for many.

Ireland, of Royal charm,

Charmed us with leprechaun’s treasure,

Non-existent évidence, a myth,

He’s a fairy, a pixie, or St. Patrick?

Our foolish humans believed so.

The 21st Century hoi polloi-

Teen moms, Single fathers, George Floyds, and men kissing men.

Wait! Men kissing men?

GAY bars were established. (Long time ago)

The gay-bashers chased the LESBIAN COUPLE from the apartment

While the BISEXUAL WOMAN tried to realize,

Who she wants to date.

The CEO, A CIS WOMAN refused the TRANS WOMAN who had muscular feet.

‘Non-traditional love’-2008’s literature turmoil.

Bombs came in the form of words,

Injury came in the form of heartbreaks,

Humanity evaporated.

The LGBTQ movement came into life,

Speaking of love,

Called the rainbow movement -Until the pot of gold is discovered!

Their pressure, the heat.Their tears, the rain.

LGBTQ is long-term, but LGBTQ simply connotes Humanity.

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