Poem: Lighthouse


By Sanduni Kulatunga

My boat of life floats unsteadily,

under the slender beam of moonlight,

in the deep blue crawling darkness

an abrupt whisper of a soothing light, snipes at myself,

bullets to devour my reticent confusion,

to consolidate my shattered self

I caught a glimpse of another hook head, another pigeon point,

with a colossal mass penetrating through the shadows of comfort

a flash of ecstasy embraces my dull soul, seeing my epitome of hope,

which I call home.

Globe of guidance, the light that spins, averts away from the deep ditches

but this lighthouse has two keepers

performing the duties together,

guiding every ship from cruise to ferry

I anchored, gazed at the lantern pane,

my gratefulness gone beyond the tears

the beam diverts, it's facing me now

Their light guides my lost boat amidst the terrific ocean of people I see them smiling.

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