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How To Earn Gems

There are several ways to earn Gems on Smartiac. The number of Gems you will earn (or lose) from each action is listed beside it. 

  • Registering as a member/guest author (+50 Gems)
  • Daily Login (+3 Gems)
  • Daily Site Visit (+3 Gems)
  • Reading Articles (+2 Gems each)
  • Viewing Pages (+2 Gems each)
  • Commenting – rewarded once comment gets approved (+4 Gems) 
  • Spam Comments (-5 Gems)
  • Trashed Comments (-1 Gem)
  • Clicking on Links (+2 Gems)
  • Liking Content (+2 Gems)
  • Leaving Product Reviews (+10 Gems each)
  • Publishing Articles as a Guest Author (+100 Gems)

When you earn Gems, you will get a notification on your screen that you’ve earned new Gems.

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